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Do you need advice about boundary issues?

Are you looking for boundary disputes surveyors in Tonbridge and Kent? Edward Prentice's Practice is based in Kent in South East England, and we provide our services for all local areas. We have years of experience in this sector and can provide you with expert advice and assist our potential clients as much as possible. We are regulated by RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) and offer professional boundary disputes surveying services to settle issues between yourself and/or the other party.

Property Development

If you decide to expand your business and require property development, you need to be aware of the boundaries between neighbouring businesses. This also applies to house development, meaning if you decide to have extensions on your property and your neighbours feel you are trespassing on their land, then this can cause a boundary dispute.

Tree's and Hedges

A boundary dispute could also be caused by trees and hedges, from your garden, are growing onto next door's property. Trees and hedges could also become a problem if neither homeowner knows whos trees and hedges they are to cut down.

Blocking driveways

If a vehicle is blocking your driveway, or it's unclear which parking spot is allocated to who, then a dispute could be caused. Parking on, or blocking another property's driveway is classed as trespassing and can cause an obstruction. If a disagreement generates, then you should ask for an expert witness to settle the dispute.

Refused land access

If you feel your property could do with some work, and you can only access the area that needs repairing by going onto your neighbours' property, then you should be able to do this by getting their permission. However, this permission could be denied and could cause an issue between yourself and your neighbour.


Neighbours can sometimes share responsibilities when it comes to repairs and maintenance. This means both homeowners should participate in the handling of these responsibilities by taking it in turns. If this doesn't happen, and a dispute occurs, then you have the right to hire an expert witness to help resolve the issues.

Services we offer

If you happen to become involved in a boundary dispute with your neighbour, we can help to resolve the issue. Sometimes, boundary disputes can lead to court, which takes a long time and will cost a lot, and we are here to do our best to help both parties avoid this. We provide specialist advice, regulated by RICS, and helpful guidance through the entire process. The services we offer are:

Boundary Resolution Advice

Land Surveying

Surveying Services

Expert Witness

Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation, Facilitation and Arbitration)


You have a limited amount of time when you become involved in a boundary dispute, as the other party could make the decision to take litigation (court action). To avoid this, which would involve expensive solicitors fees due to commercial property rights, a good solution is an Alternative Dispute Resolution. This can resolve any land boundary disputes between yourself and another business, building owner or neighbour. There are a few different types of alternative dispute resolution such as:


Facilitation involves a third party listening to both parties involved in the dispute to reach an agreeable deal on both sides. This is done via phone calls, emails and letters.


Mediation is all about making sure both parties are in contact with each other and on good terms. This is important if the parties are close friends or family members and want to ensure they remain civil, and the dispute doesn't ruin the relationship. The mediator will help the parties come up with fair plans to settle the dispute and suggestions for resolutions.


Arbitration requires evidence form both parties, such as deeds, land registry plans, ordnance survey or property surveys, for the arbitrator to make an accurate decision. Arbitration is usually used if both parties would prefer a qualified opinion to settle the dispute. 


 Our Chartered Surveyors are regulated by RICS and are required when there is a matter involving property and commercial disputes caused by issues with boundaries. A RICS regulated chartered surveyor completes surveys regarding visible damage to a building, covers valuation for commercial, industrial or residential properties, gives construction and property advice and can write an expert witness report to use as evidence by a landlord or an insurance company. 


Land Registry is a Government department that provides information regarding ownership of land and property. In some circumstances, one of the disputing parties may refuse to be involved in the resolution process. In this case, you can take matters into your own hands and submit an independent application form to the Land Registry office. The Land Registry will investigate and do some surveys of the land, completed by a registered surveyor, and make an informed decision. 

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