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Our company, based in Tonbridge, Kent, has years of experience in commercial property valuations. We are regulated by RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), and with our knowledge, we can offer professional advice on properties before making your final decision. If you need any advice, feel free to get in contact with us, and we will be more than happy to help. We ensure our clients get the best and fairest deal possible and feel like they have enough information to make the most suited decision for them.

Why have your property valued?

There are many purposes for property valuations, including development appraisals and secured lending. These valuations require extensive planning due to a wide range of factors. Having your property valued gives you insurance on all your assets in the property, and also gives you business security from inflation. Valuers can provide you with an estimation of the potential market value, which will allow investors to determine the future revenue of the property.


Commercial property valuation simply means the amount of investment the property (or company) makes every year, usually being an office, retail shop or any other business. The rent is regulated by the landlord and calculated using its location, the condition it's in, facilities involved in the lease and size of the building itself.

The income made, and expenses spent on the property is used to calculate the NOI (Net Operating Income) of the property. The higher the NOI, the higher the value of the property. For example, the older the building is, the lower the NOI, as it' s more likely money will need to be spent on the maintenance and repairs on the property.

For a new build, however, the NOI will be calculated by estimating an expected income.

We can help with...

We offer a range of valuation services within the commercial and industrial sectors and provide advice for sales and purchasing. We can provide you with professional Commercial Property Valuation Reports, all done by our chartered surveyors and valuers, who are all registered with RICS. The services we offer with Commercial Property Valuation are:

Rent Reviews

Pension Scheme Valuations

Handling Taxation

Leasehold disputes

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