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Do you require land and development advice in Tonbridge? Our company is based in the South East of England, in Kent, and we provide land and development advice around the local area, covering places such as Dover, Maidstone and Ashford. We are experts in the land and development industry. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can help potential clients looking for the best way to improve their developments.

The specialist services that we offer include

Planning approval advice

Information about the planning policies around the local area

The sales process for the site

Land availability studies

Planning appeals, applications and enforcements

Discussions with LPA (Local Planning Authorities)

Provisions for development planning

Development planning takes a lot of preparing, especially if you want a commercial building for your business industry, whether it's retail or offices. This is why we offer our clients expert advice. The local planning authority can deny planning permission for a commercial property on reasonable grounds. These grounds can be due to reasons such as privacy, illumination, environmental factors or utility systems and some sites already having planning permission. 

development plans

There are a range of factors you must take into consideration before you start your development plans such as applying for planning permission.


The land that you would like your property to be built on may have been reserved to use as an open space for the public. The design of your property may be different from the other buildings on that plot of land, and may, therefore, look out of place. Your potential plot may have a section 106, meaning the property may have too big an impact on the rest of the community and properties. Some sites aren't linked to any existing road and utility systems (electricity, water, gas), so roadworks may need to be done, causing disruption.


If a building has the luxury of uninterrupted natural light shining through its windows for 20 years or more, the Right to Light law may apply. If the plot for your build and the plans for the size will cause blockage for neighbours, you may be denied planning permission as you are infringing on their Right to Light.


Some plots may be overlooking a residential estate, so building a tall property may mean you'll be able to see into people's private homes. This would be potentially mean a loss of privacy for the homeowners. The council may feel this plan would cause too much of a traffic build-up, and therefore homes around the area will lose their privacy due to an increased number of cars. Possibly even causing traffic jams outside of their house.


Building can sometimes cause problems that have a large impact on the surrounding environment. Because of this, specialist equipment may need to be used to reduce the damage it has on the area.  There could also be issues with land remediation. This is usually because the site could cause damage or harm to people's health and the environment. The process of remediation involves the management of the land to restore it to its original condition and decrease the chances of it destroying the environment. If this process is taking place on the land, you may be denied planning permission as it's not safe to do so.

If your project needs planning permission and you do the work without getting it, you can be served an "enforcement notice" ordering you to undo all the changes you have made.

How can we help?

Our practice, which is based in Kent and run by the professional and experienced Edward Prentice, can advise you with anything you need to know about land and development. It's essential to get advice from an expert, who can help you get the most out of your land and development intentions, to get the best-suited business plan for you. Contact us today and we'll get sorted on our first course of action.


We want you to get the best outcome you can, which is why we can help you with the actions to take with the planning process to keep the costs down and boost the value and potential of the building. Our planning services involve land availability studies, so we can help you find plots that are vacant for development by the LPA (Local Planning Authority).


If you need assistance with the delivery of your project to the planning authorities, whether you're building something new or adding an extension onto your existing building, we can help. This will involve going over your development plans in detail to see if they fit in with factors the LPA will look at, as much as they can.


On occasion, it's a possibility that your planning application to receive planning permission could get denied. In this case, you can appeal if you feel the grounds are unfair, and we can assist you with the best strategy for a better conclusion. For example, changing the plans slightly to abide by the provisions and follow all laws and policies.

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