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Looking for Help with Landlord or Tenant Disputes?

Do you need help with landlord and tenant disputes in Kent? Edward Prentice's practice is based in Tonbridge, Kent and offers its range of landlord and tenant dispute services to the local surrounding areas. We can give you expert advice using our years of specialist knowledge and experience in the dispute resolution industry. 

Here, we provide advice, assistance and cost-effective solutions to help both landlords and tenants achieve the best outcome. We can work closely with both parties to find solutions that will meet their needs.


A landlord and tenant dispute is when either the landlord or tenant has a disagreement with the other, which causes issues that they cannot solve between themselves. This could happen whether the property is commercial, and used for business purposes, or a residential property.

There are many factors that can cause these disputes, but they must be solved due to the possibility of one party taking legal action against the other. So that disputes don't take place, a tenant agreement is created so both parties can agree and stick to the terms to avoid any discrepancy. 

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There are many causes to landlord and tenant disputes, whether the fault lies with the tenant or the landlord. When a tenant rents a property off a landlord, a tenancy agreement is created with terms that mustn't be breached. Breaching the terms of the tenancy agreement could cause a dispute, whether it's the tenant not following them or the landlord changing them unfairly.

One of the most common causes is rent, whether the tenant isn't paying the required rent, or the landlord is increasing the rent. There are many reasons a tenant could not be paying the rent, whether it's being paid less than required, or not at all. This could be poor money management skills, problems with money, personal problems or the possibility of miscommunication. If the landlord has increased the rent, the maintenance costs could have increased, or there could have been a change in circumstance. 

Another is the conditions of the property damage and whose responsibility it is to maintain. If the landlords or tenants find damage to the property, then a dispute could be caused regarding whose responsibility it is to repair. If the landlord feels the tenants have purposely caused the damage, then this could also cause a dispute. However, if the property isn't looked after and the tenants aren't maintaining it to the expected standards, then this could be classed as breaching the terms of the tenancy agreement. 

How can we help?

Here at Edward Prentice's Practice, we can solve disputes using our extensive experience and knowledge in the industry. Our aim is to help our clients, and potential clients, avoid the expensive and long court process, which is why we solve disputes using mediation and arbitration. 


Mediation is the act of communication between both parties to reach an agreeable solution, with our professional and knowledgeable assistance.   


Arbitration requires evidence from both parties, for the third party to make a professional and unbiased decision to settle the dispute. 

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