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Do you need Leasehold advisory?

Are you looking for professional leasehold advice in Tonbridge and Kent? As a leaseholder, you own the property, but not the land the property is built on. The land the property is built on is owned by the freeholder. A leasehold is a right to own a property for as long as the lease term lasts. Our leasehold advice service offers legal information for disputes that take place between landlords and tenants.


A lease is registered in England and is a list of conditions and details about the terms that you must sign about the property and land you are renting. The lease involves a time period that you must stick to for how long you can rent the building out for.

How can we help?

Our Leasehold Advisory Service in Kent provides advice and information about the following:

lease restructuring

Our services offers help and advice for landlords and tenants separately, or for both together come to a win-win agreement. Lease restructuring is a good option for landlords as it gives guarantee the tenant agrees and is happy with all the terms and will, therefore, want to keep the lease. For tenants, a large sum of money could be saved, whether the building is used for business or a home.

lease surrenders

If you are involved in a lease that you don't need anymore, and this is causing issues with your landlord, then we can help settle the dispute. Also, if you are a landlord and your tenant wants to end their lease, without using the terms of agreement, we can give you the best advice. 

lease renewals

Renewing your lease is the best way to get the most out of it and improve the terms. For example, tenants renewing their lease could possibly decrease their rent, and lessen the risks of responsibilities for dilapidation. On the other hand, landlords may be able to increase the security of their earnings. 

rent reviews

During rent reviews, we may find deadlines, dates and other details that you may not have noticed before. This has advantages for landlords as it guarantees their tenants pay bills on time and know the terms of the original agreement, and it is also helpful for tenants as if they have missed anything, they have chance to change anything they may not agree with.

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